Step into the world of Australia’s own Mr. Magic, master performer, illusion designer, and magic coach known for his work on Australia’s Got Talent, Possum Magic, Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Parts 1 & 2, and N.I.D.A (The National Institute Of Dramatic Art). Get ready for a hilarious and fast-paced interactive family show. 

Prepare to be spellbound as objects materialise, vanish, and morph right before your very eyes in a series of mind-boggling magic moments that frequently involve the entire audience. 

Word on the street is that Mada will be scouting for a young apprentice from the audience to assist him with a jaw-dropping illusion on stage. Plus, Adam, a father of three, will lead a special interactive magical tribute dedicated to all the dads in the audience. Are you ready to become a part of the magic?

Critics LOVE Mada!

”Adam’s showmanship delighted the audience and the interactive style of the show meant squeals and shouts of excitement and joy were bleeding out of the venue doors.”
Spot On Children’s Festival Riverside

”Adam Mada blows my mind every time I see him perform. I consider myself a sceptic, and not easily fooled – but several times Mada has made the impossible happen right in front of me. I haven’t ruled out the possibility that he’s an actual wizard.”
Jack Heath – Author

”Adam Mada Makes us Gasp in all the right places!”
”Adam Mada has gifted this show a host of stupendous magic and illusion tricks.”

The Sydney Morning Herald