Online real-time entertainment – It’s fun, It’s COVID friendly,  It’s Magic.

Streaming live from the Magic Inc. Lab !

Bring a touch of magic to your next online meeting or conference with Mada’s Virtual Marvels. Perfect for a pre or post-meeting team energiser or a full digital spectacular, Mada’s virtual magic show brings Mada’s unique blend of humour, illusion and interactivity to you from the comfort of your lounge room or home office. Guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
– Arthur C Clarke

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“We engaged Adam to MC and perform his digital wizardry, for our annual two day national conference.  This was the first time we presented our major event digitally.  Adam and his team were exceptional, his performances were engaging, interactive and exactly what we needed. I cannot recommend Adam and Magic Inc. highly enough – thank you.”
Rick Graham
CEO – Swimart

Adam Mada Magic For Google
Mada’s Virtual Marvels for Google Australia

“We brought Adam into one of our team virtual meetings as a surprise, the idea was to improve team morale and to share some laughs with the team as it’s been very difficult to do since COVID-19 hit. Adam was awesome, his shows thoroughly engaging and entertaining and the entire team loved what he did, I can only highly recommend him to any team events in the future.”
Shaun Simon

Direct from working as the magic, illusions and practical effects coach on the Australian production of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and his brand new family friendly interactive digital hybrid show – Mada’s Magic Marvels premiered by the Sydney Opera House

leading Australian magician Adam Mada will customise each performance to suit the dynamics of your team and brand making it the perfect tool to promote team and client togetherness

Mada’s Magic Marvels, Sydney Opera House

Suitable for any digital platform including Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, CISCO Webex.

“Adam absolutely killed it at our Friday night drinks team meeting, he themed the virtual show with a custom illusion around our own brand, fantastic mind-blowing engagement for our team”
Guy Pearson
CEO Practice Ignition

Real time, incredibly fun – The audience make the decisions

The Virtual Magic Show Experience

Tailored interactive performances for your team and colleagues.  Adams interactive Zoom Magic performances are smart, engaging, innovative and fun.  Adam expertly engages your entire team virtually, interacting with everyone creating an incredible gobsmacking experience.

Interactive custom illusion – CEO Rick Graham Swimart, Australia

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  • Staff, Team and Client Engagement
    • With Local, International and Remote groups
  • Cocktail Happy Hour – team catchup
  • Virtual meeting guest spots.
    • Adam can pop in for 10 – 20 mins and entertain the group.
    • Pre-Meeting warm up to energise the “digital room”
    • Post-meeting show to keep everyone engaged.
    • Surprise guest spot
  • Virtual Conference MC with magic.
  • Product and brand integration.
  • Custom designed illusions to suit your event, brand or messaging
  • Team energiser.
  • HOAX Show – Introduce Adam as a new member of staff, for the ultimate digital magic surprise
The Tick Tock

Mada’s magic teapot will pour any drink named, mind-reading using google, phenomenal interactive illusions performed through the screen, card tricks with selections made by participants, unbelievable interactive body illusions and perfectly tailored presentations engineered specific to your brand.

Hey Google Pick a Card.
Custom playing card illusion for Google

“Our work team at the State Government had a virtual social function, using Zoom to connect, we wanted the event to be fun and uplifting. Adam Mada was brought in as a guest, his virtual magic show had everyone participating and laughing. Remote meetings, using Skype or Zoom, can be a bit awkward to connect with one another, Adam’s bright personality had everyone engaged and sharing the experience. After his performance, our social event continued, with the same positive energy and conversation sparked by Adam Mada’s magic performance. Adam’s online performance would be a great way for any group, be it workplace or with friends or family, to add more light and humour and playfulness and help bring people together in the comical wonder of his magic act.”
Damien Carroll
NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment.

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Cutting Edge Live Streaming Studio.

We’ve created a cutting edge live streaming digital theatre in the Magic Inc. Studio, based in Marrickville, Sydney, Australia. The sophisticated set up with professional lighting, sound and the use of multiple camera’s has allowed Adam to develop some unique magical experiences that can only be experienced through real-time live streaming.

We offer a FREE technical test with your meeting platform prior to the performance. All of our engagements run glitch free with very smooth technical operation.


Who is Adam ?

As a leading Australian magician and magic/illusion consultant, Adam Mada is the magic and illusions coach for the global smash hit ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’ in Melbourne, he’s the head of magic for the National Institute of Dramatic Art (N.I.D.A) as well as the magic/illusion designer and director for the highly anticipated stage adaptation of Mem Foxes Australian classic ‘Possum Magic’ – touring Australia. 

How does the magic work on the screen ?

The entire performance has been developed to work through live interactive video, all elements of the performance are interactive with your guests, which allows us to do some really cool things you can’t do on stage in the real world.  This is NOT card tricks done on a webcam, we have built a sophisticated live streaming virtual magic studio, with clear, bright sound and lighting.  The illusions are created specifically to work through the screen.

Will the virtual magic show work on any meeting software ?

All of the major video chat platforms, including ZOOM, GOOGLE MEET, SKYPE, MICROSOFT TEAMS, CISCO WEBEX

Can we use any device to participate and watch with.

Absolutely, the performance and show will work regardless if you are participating with a desktop, tablet and even a smart phone.

How many people can join/participate ?

If Adam is hosting through his pro zoom account, participants/viewers can be up to1 000. If I’m joining as a guest on your platform, the performance will work with your entire team and as many as the platform can handle.

Are we just watching a video of your show ?

In one word NO.  This is a sophisticated live digital performance, which allows live interaction with participants in real time, creating a thoroughly enjoyable, engaging and amazing experience.

How long is the performance ?

Tailor performances from 10 minute meeting energiser spots to a full hour hosted magical meeting.

Can you do special requests ?

Absolutely, I can do a magical mind reading type stunt on the boss, I can make Karen from accounts the star of the show.  I can integrate staff awards and or corporate messaging seamlessly into the performance, I can surprise a staff member with a special magic gift.   I can create magic with various items that you request, lets chat about what we can do.

Can you incorporate our brand ?

Absolutely, we specialise in creating custom themed and branded content.  We can build your company or organisations message into the performance using exciting and entertaining illusions developed specifically for the virtual show, we can create magic with your products, levitate, vanish, appear, transform.  Thought of services or products by participants can appear inside a box. 3D printed custom Ambigram illusions using your company logo and or tagline – Ask us what’s possible?

Live Zoom Audience
Virtual Corporate Audience

Supported By:

The development of Mada’s Virtual Marvels has been part funded and supported by the Inner West – cultural resilience grant. With support from Harry Potter & The Cursed Child (Aus Production), Erth Physical Theatre, Monkey Baa Theatre and The Sydney Opera House

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Virtual Magic Show
Adam Mada presents a live virtual performance

Watch now

Mada's Magic Marvels Digital Season
Adam Mada plays the Joan Sutherland theatre with his digital hybrid show.