Wayne Pearce Australian football legend, TV presenter and now high end corporate motivational coach, took me out to lunch to discuss all things magic.  I met Wayne whilst performing at a surprise birthday party for corporate speaking Icon, Ian Elliot.  It was a lavish birthday party complete with helicopter arrival of 4 special ops solders from the US (mates of Ian) who ended up floating in the show later on ! Wayne struck up a passionate conversation about misdirection, attention and how the techniques of a magician can be employed or harnessed to demonstrate how people can be motivated and create focus.  We followed his secret interest in magic over lunch and cards.

The old saying a magician never tells, is the greatest lie a magician ever told !  I love sharing arcane knowledge of the magician with passionate people.  Don’t tell the magic mafia, they’ll break my legs just like Job in Arrested Development 😉

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Adam Mada Wayne Pearce
Adam Mada sharing secrets with Wayne Pearce