Imparting Secrets of the Magician with Wayne Pearce

Wayne Pearce Australian football legend, TV presenter and now high end corporate motivational coach, took me out to lunch to discuss all things magic.  I met Wayne whilst performing at a surprise birthday party for corporate speaking Icon, Ian Elliot.  It was a lavish birthday party complete with helicopter arrival of 4 special ops solders from the US (mates of Ian) who ended up floating in the show later on ! Wayne struck up a passionate conversation about misdirection, attention and how the techniques of a magician can be employed or harnessed to demonstrate how people can be motivated and create focus.  We followed his secret interest in magic over lunch and cards.

The old saying a magician never tells, is the greatest lie a magician ever told !  I love sharing arcane knowledge of the magician with passionate people.  Don’t tell the magic mafia, they’ll break my legs just like Job in Arrested Development 😉

You can check out Wayne’s current project here:

Adam Mada Wayne Pearce
Adam Mada sharing secrets with Wayne Pearce