Having a chat with Andrew P Street from Good Weekend Magazine on the Cruise Ship Entertainment game. I love this work, with a young family it has it’s up’s and down’s, it’s certainly exciting to be apart of this exploding industry.

Have you ever wondered how exactly a professional magician or a juggler or even a pianist makes a living in 2017? After all, it’s not as though the modern Australian city is awash with cabaret clubs, and no one is getting wealthy doing music gigs or comedy on the pub circuit. You’d assume, then, that the variety entertainer was, at best, an endangered species.
Yet here’s the thing. Those performers are still out there. More specifically, they’re out at sea.

Mada concurs. “And, of course, they’ll see you at the pool and you’re then dining with them for possibly a week. So in terms of being an entertainer, that’s definitely unique. People don’t normally have that sort of immediate accessibility to you.”

That must be flattering?

“Well, a magician will get very different reactions to a comic. A lot of comedians would love that attention, people wanting to chat with them. I get a somewhat different result, which is gangs of kids chasing me around wanting to learn magic tricks.”

Read the full article here, also featuring my colleagues Comedian Simon Palomares and Pianist Van-Anh Nguyen.