A brand new interactive, magical innovation from the minds at Magic Inc.  This is The Wonderbooth, an event curiosity like no other.

  • 100% Amazing.
  • 100% Instagrammable
  • Interactive.
  • Incredible icebreaker.
  • Like movie magic in real life.
  • Perfect for any live or virtual event.
  • The Wonderbooth can be custom-themed to your event or product launch, with different faceplates, signage, and accessories.
  • A modern marvel in event entertainment.

CHECK OUT THE GRAIN BAR LAUNCH @ The Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.

Step into a world of enchantment with Wonderbooth! Like a photobooth, however, Wonderbooth doesn’t capture moments, it creates them. Our skilled magician engages with your guests, delivering mind-blowing magic and illusions interacting with this marvelous machine.

Picture this: ordinary objects morphing into extraordinary wonders before your very eyes. Watch as a glass of water or beer transforms into a delightful cocktail by request, A guest’s watch goes inside the machine and vanishes in a puff of smoke, only to re-appear with a thought of time being displayed. Picture a cocktail morphing into a personalized playing card with your guest’s name on it.

The Wonderbooth is the ultimate talking piece for an event, using cutting-edge technology with old-school stage illusion tech this is a one-of-a-kind unique experience for your event.

The Wonderbooth is designed to be fully customisable with face plate branding – ideal for:

  • Product launches
  • Media launches
  • Large live events
  • Themed events

The Wonderbooth was originally developed for a wine launch by the team at Magic Inc. and recently featured at the 60th Jeans for Genes gala for the Children’s Medical Research Institute as well as being a feature piece in the world’s first live interactive through the screen broadcast of Mada’s Magic Marvels from the Sydney Opera House.