The Cardistry Boys on Tour !
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Cardistry – Australia’s Rising Stars of Magic Sunday 22nd April 2018 | The Theatre | 2:00pm – Bankstown Sports Club. The Cardistry Boys – Lucas Itrawan & Ash Hodgkinson They have appeared on the Today Show, Studio 10, Disney and featured in a profile piece on the brand new ABC ME, wowing hosts with their cheeky […]

the magic of the pitch

Australian Magician Vs Bpay Innovation Incubator

Magic, innovation & technology go hand in hand regardless of industry, I base a lot of my work on my favourite quote by the great science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” It was very exciting to be invited to share my expertise not only as a professional […]

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Australian Illusionist Consultant – Enter The Vortex National Tour The Dream Dance Co.

ENTER THE VORTEX THE DREAM DANCE CO. TOUR makes magic with Australian Illusionist Adam Mada Continuing my magic / Illusion collaboration with epic choreographer Sarah Boulter (So You Think You Can Dance – UK + Aus, Arab Games, Aus Dance Festival) joining forces with the Dream Dance Co. Created by Choreographer and producer Marko Panzic […]

the magic of innovation

Keynote – The Magic Of Innovation

PULLING A RABBIT FROM A HAT – The Magic Of Innovation. A brand new keynote from Australian Magician Adam Mada   They say that those who don’t believe in magic will never find it…. I am proud to introduce my keynote on the integration of magic and technology. This Keynote recently premiered for the 2017 international CFO […]

Good weekend magazine cruise ships

Adam Mada on Cruise Ship Entertainment

Having a chat with Andrew P Street from Good Weekend Magazine on the Cruise Ship Entertainment game. I love this work, with a young family it has it’s up’s and down’s, it’s certainly exciting to be apart of this exploding industry. Have you ever wondered how exactly a professional magician or a juggler or even a […]